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Thermoforming is a manufacturing process for forming thermoplastic plastics with the aid of a vacuum.

We have specialised in the industrial sector and, based on our many years of experience, offer solutions for particularly complex tasks.


The CNC technology allows automated processing with several simultaneously controlled axes.

Control and programming are done by our in-house CAD/CAM department.


Screen printing is a printing process in which a rubber squeegee presses the printing ink through a fine-meshed fabric and onto the material being printed. We specialise in industrial screen printing.


We possess special know-how in printing decors with a high resolution, with haptic and 3-D effects, and more generally with the development of high-quality continuous and single-image decors.


In collaboration with long-term partner companies, we offer:


Galvanic chrome plating (bright chrome / matt chrome etc.)


Painting in effect colours and car colours


Hardcoat coating for special requirements in terms of resistance to scratching, chemicals and the weather

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